Nautilus Fitness Center - Alton IL
Nautilus Fitness Center - Alton IL

"The Area's Finest Fitness Facility"

Nautilus Fitness Center - Alton IL

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Mon Open 4am
Tues-Th 24 Hours
Fri. Closes at 9pm
Sat 6am-8pm
Sun. 8am-6pm


Massage Therapy

Fitness for the Soul

Soothe your mind, body and soul with a massage. Step away from your workout or just your routine and walk into a room of tranquility. Enjoy one of our may massage experiences. Whatever your restoration needs may be, we can held you find a day, time, and session that is best for you.

Tabitha 618-917-4475
Jackie  618-514-0641
Bethany 618-946-5144


Nautilus - MassageSwedish and Prenatal Massage

    30 Minutes - $30
    60 Minutes - $55
    90 Minutes - $85

Deep Tissue Massage

    60 Minutes - $65
    90 Minutes - $95

All Inclusive 2 Hour Massage

    Includes Hot Stone and Cupping - $130

Hot Stone Massage

    90 Minutes - $110


    Russian Cupping - $10
    Fire Cupping - $20
    Parafin Dip - $10 Each
    (Hands or Feet)

Cupping helps break muscular adhesions, pullup and clear out cellular debris and toxins Parafin completely covers hands and/or feet soothing away aches and pains and conditioning skin.

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 Nautilus Fitness Center
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