Nautilus Fitness Center - Alton IL
Nautilus Fitness Center - Alton IL

"The Area's Finest Fitness Facility"

Nautilus Fitness Center - Alton IL

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Mon Open 4am
Tues-Th 24 Hours
Fri. Closes at 9pm
Sat 6am-8pm
Sun. 8am-6pm


Nautilus Fitness Center - Alton ILMartial Arts Info about Master Li

Class Schedule and Cost:

Class Times
Ages 4-7 Lil Dragons 4:45pm-5:15pm

Ages 8-up/Family Beginner 5:30pm-6:15pm
Beginner Classes Now Enrolling for the FALL Free Uniform w/ Enrollment


Classes are designed to meet each students' needs. For fitness, we offer exercises that condition and improve strength, agility, flexibility and endurance.

For self defense we offer scenario based training. Simple yet effective techniques that can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

For sports we offer competition in Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Grappling, Kick Boxing, and MMA.

For the true martial artist at heart, we offer the chance to become a black belt, and as a black belt to help maintain an ancient, noble, and dignified way of living.

All classes are taught by highly trained certified black belts.

About Grand Master Chris “Lee”
Grand Master Chris “Lee” has been studying martial arts for over 35 years. He started his martial arts training at the young age of four. His father Grand Master Yi In Soo, taught him early up until the time he was ten years old. After he was ten he trained with his father’s various black belts including Mr. Thomas Cook, Mr. Mark Schrader, Mr. Donald Schroeder, Mr. Charles Korunka, and Mr. Steven Wright up until the age of thirteen. Grand Master Chris continued his martial arts education in Tae Kwon Do under several other Grand Masters during his teenage years which included Grand Master Won Kuk Kim, Won Kuk Kim’s father Kim Bok Man, president of the Hong Kong Tae Kwon Do Association, his Uncle Pyo in Texas, Grand Master Sung Chae Kim in Springfield, MO as well as two other Grand Masters in Korea. When his father went to Springfield, MO he continued teaching at the location in Alton. He moved to Maryland to help a fellow martial artist Mr. Tommy Lee of East Coast Martial Arts with the development of his school. Mr. Tommy Lee and Grand Master Chris “Lee” promoted hundreds of Black Belts and helped revise the East Coast curriculum. Grand Master Chris “Lee” was instrumental in revamping the Bo Dan Curriculum and also helped revamp the current curriculum that is in use today at the schools. Grand Master Chris has won many local, state, regional, and national tournaments. In addition to his own personal accomplishments he has trained and coached many of the area’s top local, state, regional and national competitors. He has fought in amateur kickboxing, trained amateur kickboxers, as well as recently competed in the AAU Nationals held in FT. Lauderdale, FL last year coming back with a Gold and Silver Medal respectively. Grand Master Chris believes in continuing his martial arts education and in keeping with this philosophy tested for and passed his 7th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. Grand Master Chris has also studied extensively in the Filipino Combative Arts of Eskrima, Kali and Arnis. He was awarded the rank of Level 2 Instructor under Guro Julius Melegrito in the Phillipine Martial Arts Alliance. Grandmaster Chis was recently inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame for his contribution and dedication to martial arts. He has also studied with and taken seminars with Master Joe Lewis, Master Bill Wallace, Larry Hartsell, Guro Ted Lucay Lucay, Guro Danny Inosanto, Michael De Pasquale Sr. and Jr, Guro Mike Inay, Mr. Tom Patire, and many others the list goes on.

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