Nautilus Fitness Center - Alton IL
Nautilus Fitness Center - Alton IL

"The Area's Finest Fitness Facility"

Nautilus Fitness Center - Alton IL

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Mon Open 4am
Tues-Th 24 Hours
Fri. Closes at 9pm
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As a physician who treats chronic pain and a member of the 50-70 year-old age group, I can tell you regular exercise in your 50s is essential to maintaining function into your 70s. Exercise consisting of only walking is not adequate. Resistance training must be part of your exercise routine. The best way to start that is with a personal trainer so that you learn proper technique and work with suitable weights. Don't put this off until you retire!

Dr. Tom Brummett

I had a personal trainer and really love her. I made huge advances with cardio, strength, and health in general. I have a pacemaker now and feel that I healed so much quicker because of the training I received at Nautilus.

 - Mari Bel Moore

We enjoy Nautilus. There is a lot to do. We have two sons that go here and it gives us something we can do together. My wife and our daughters work out here too. We love it and are so much more energetic!

 - Larry & Mary McCain

Nautilus has done a world of good for me. It has really improved my knees. My knees have always held me back from so many things. They are so much better now since working with my instructor at Nautilus. I'm more energetic and no longer lazy. Marti has really helped me meet friends here. It's a life change!

 - Jim Bull

With the variety of machines we came to keep in shape. We come everyday because it really is our job to stay healthy. We have been members since January 2002 and we are very happy here. Each machine is a new challenge and works the body differently. We love Nautilus!

 - Bonnie & Dan

Nautilus keeps me motivated to keep exercising because of the variety of equipment and classes offered. Marti gave me a training plan to tone without using heavy weights. Then, of course there is the cardio equipment available - treadmills, steppers, bicycles, elliptical, pool and racquetball - My goal is to learn the game of racquetball. We love how clean it is and the friendly staff - they are so efficient! Betsy gave me swim lessons and I am no longer afraid of water!

 - Rosie





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 Nautilus Fitness Center
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